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Passive Bed Bug Monitors to Detect the Presence of Bed Bugs

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Bed bug Passive Monitors are designed to be the perfect home for bedbugs making them easy to detect via the telltale faecal trace signs which are deposited on the detection skirt.  

This patented technology has been used by us since 2008 and is the basis of our success in early detection.

If installed in advance of the introduction of bedbugs they can help detect within 12 - 72 hours allowing rapid removal of a light infestation before it gets out of control.

Passive Bed Bug Monitors feature an optimized bedbug harbourage that encourages them to interact with the monitor.

An eco-friendly device, it is heat, chemical, fragrance and upkeep free.

The design allows easy inspection for faecal traces, cast skins and live samples in a few seconds.

They can also help to monitor to ensure an infestation has been eradicated.


Further information on the use of Passive Bed Bug Monitors can be found at


Full Installation instructions can be downloaded Here


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